Dino Strings is born!

In November 2020 I invented and founded Dino Strings. In addition to Lenneke Willems’ mini violin, I have been missing a different and more present-day method  for years for the youngest kids. A method that offers more online and also offers violin teachers enough free stuff in these “modern times”.

I am proud to show you our new logo and use of colors for the Dino Strings Method.

And to celebrate that we have now officially announced that Dino Strings was born, we have created a free printable that you can use immediately for your lessons. Even fun to use in the online lessons.

Click on the image above and have fun!

Tips how you can use these printables during the lessons

  • You just play from left to right
  • You play from top to bottom
  • Student plays 1 line of Dino eggs and teacher or other student has to guess which row of dino eggs were played.
  • you can also use these sheets when introducing the lower 1st and 2nd fingers
  • Can be played on all strings

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